What is Agency

Regarding real estate transactions two parties are involved, a seller. and a buyer. A sellers agent is someone that lists your home for sale. We normally refer to them as the listing agent, they are responsible for procuring a buyer for your home. 

On the other hand we have a buyers agent. The buyers agent is responsable for finding a home or property that fits their buyers wants and needs. 

Who gets the commission for selling my home

The listing agent and the selling agent split the commission. Members of the local MLS board of Realtors agree to split the commission 50 - 50 unless disclosed differently in the listing agreement with the sellers.

How do I Know What My Home Is Worth

Many people in this market are asking themselves can they afford to sell. Real Estate Professionals look at the market activity to set an asking price for your home; it's called a CMA, Comparative Market Analysis. Researching to see what if any properties have sold in your general area then comparing to properties currently on the market. This gives us a basic understanding as to the overall value of your home. For a free valuation, CMA, of your home or property, don't hesitate, give us a call.